A La Manera Cubana Samples

1 A La Manera Cubana 4:16
2 Amor 4:19
3 La Habana Vieja 3:46
4 Tu Y Yo 4:40
5 Vaya A Donde Vaya 4:29
6 Te Agradezco 5:30
7 Amor O Juego 5:12
8 La Primavera 3:28
9 No Me Dejes Esperar 5:11
10 Amantes 5:07
11 Yo Volveré 4:08
Antonio Koudele
Vö.: 2012, A.C.S.Records
Genre: Bolero, Salsa, Son Cubano
Preis: 14,99 €, Audio CD

Album Information:

These are some of the finest soul sounds of the Carribean! Cuban music composed and performed by Antonio Koudele with all the heart and verve of a genuine Habanero. Lead vocals and guitar are by Antonio, backed up by a band of Cuban musicians. This group of talented musicians conveys that distinct mix of passionate Latin vitality and carefreeness, which makes Cuban music so unique. A La Manera Cubana is a pure rendition of that sound with all its natural intensity and variations.

Harp Guitar Samples

1 You are the Sunshine of my life 3:11
2 Bésame mucho 2:39
3 Have I told you lately 4:27
4 Sunny 2:43
5 My Way 4:37
6 Can´t help falling in love 3:12
7 Take Five 2:55
8 Mona Lisa 3:34
9 I am Sailing 2:44
10 Imagine 4:07
11 Samba Pa Ti 3:54
12 Smile 3:03
13 Summertime 2:49
14 Ballerina Girl 3:15
Antonio Koudele plays Evergreens Vol.1
Vö.: 2009, A.C.S.Records
Genre: Klassik, Jazz, Instrumental
Preis: 14,99 €, Audio CD

Album Information:

"The harp guitar has a tradition of over 200 years and is a combination of  the common guitar and a harp.  Unlike in Europe, the harp guitar has become well established in America.  The Dyer model, that is played there, was built for the first time in 1906.   The six additional bass strings in the style of a harp have been built onto an extended body without a fingerboard.  This extension allows the soloist to play melody, accompaniment and bass at the same time. The rich, warm and full sound of the harp guitar virtually entices the guitar player into playing solo.  As can be heard on this CD, Antonio Koudele also could not resist giving this instrument its rightful place as a solo instrument."All songs on this album were played by Antonio Koudele himself, without any accompaniment of other backing instruments.

Instrumental Y Cubana Samples

1 Todo de mi corazón 3:12
2 ¡Vuela! 5:19
3 Aventura Cubana 4:50
4 La Vida Sigue 4:27
5 Basta Una Llamada 3:30
6 Tu Mirada 4:55
7 Sonreír 4:31
8 Volver A Cuba 3:03
Antonio Koudele
Vö.: 2009, A.C.S.Records
Genre: Bolero, Salsa, Son Cubano, Instrumental
Preis: 14,99 €, Audio CD

Album Information:

"Instrumental Y Cubano" is an instrumental album, soloist by design, embracing an assortment of rumba tones, sometimes in beautifully romantic bolero-esque ballades, sometimes in fiery flamenco or jazzy bossa-nova. Todo de mi corazón, Aventura Cubana, La Vida Sique, Tu Mirada and Sonreir are rich in romantic allure. Vuela!,Á  Basta Una Llamada and Volver A Cuba are played in an upbeat Latin-verve. Every title of this wonderful CD is composed by Antonio Koudele and executed in beautifully crafted solos. Accompanied by first-class Cuban musicians, he himself plays with the authentic devotion and carefreeness of a Cuban.

Aventura Cubana Samples

1 Café Con Rón 4:16
2 Aventura Cubana 4:19
3 Guitarra Mia 3:46
4 ¡Vuela! 4:40
5 Sonreír 4:29
6 La Vida Sigue 5:30
7 Basta Una Llamada 5:12
8 Todo De Mi Corazón 3:28
9 Tu Mirada 5:11
10 Volver A Cuba 5:07
11 Chan Chan 4:08
Antonio Koudele
Vö.: 2007, A.C.S.Records
Genre: Bolero, Salsa, Son Cubano, Latin
Preis: 14,99 €, Audio CD

Album Information:

"Aventura Cubana", 11 songs recorded in the unmistakable traditional sound of Cuba. Son, salsa, bolero and rumba, played and sung by Antonio Koudele and some of the best musicians of the colourful Havana scene.
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Harp Guitar Goes Brazil(60s Samples)

1 Estrada Do Coco 4:02
2 Garota Do Samba 3:59
3 Doze Doze 1:54
4 Impressioes 5:25
5 Samba Em Sol 3:21
6 Trem De Saudade 3:34
7 Eu Me Lembro 4:26
8 So Danzo Samba 3:52
9 Frutas Do Brasil 2:45
10 Favela-Mas Que Nada 3:27
Harp Guitar Goes Brazil
Antonio Koudele
Release date: 27-Nov-2015, A.C.S.Records
Genre: Instrumental Latin
Preis: 14,99 €, Audio CD

Album Information:

10 wonderful compositions with brazilian roots. 8 original songs created by the soloist Antonio Koudele specially for this wonderful instrument, showcasing tonal richness and harmonic diversity of the harp guitar, an instrument, capable of holding its own against the typically dense brazilian rhythms and their fast harmony changes. You will truly feel the warm ambience of the beautiful country Brazil.