Coming soon! CD album “Arriving” acs-records 150518-1

“Arriving” means “Ankommen” in German. But looking beyond this strict translation,
Antonio Koudele’s newest album wishes to convey the sort of “Ankommen” understood in German in its richer, intangible sense. Perhaps moments of contentment just with oneself; a moment to breathe, unwind amongst soothing sounds, thoughts drifting, allowing life’s moments of beauty to paint warm smiles on face and heart.

Nature, in its infinite splendour, inspired Antonio Koudele’s compositions; a mossy forest trail bouncing underfoot, a glimpse of a garden flooded with colour, the warm breeze off a sunlit island,the panorama of a blue bay glittering with the evening sun dipping into the horizon of the Atlantic, a reflective glass of wine.
Without words, through melody only, this album aims to express just this sense of wellbeing.